Network - transport layer

Map Of Internet 1973


The transport layer is the 4 layer in the OSI model and is about the following data unit:

They just transport bits from one host to another. In this layer, the protocol are not concerned by extra functionality such as authentication, security. This functionalities are implemented by the application layer protocol.

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Valid Https
HTTP - HTTPS scheme (HTTP-over-TLS)

The https scheme represents HTTP-over-TLS HTTP is a application protocol (OSI level 7) that is build on TCP as transport layer (OSI level 3) HTTPS is essentially HTTP after the connection has been secured...
Map Of Internet 1973

Maps of the Internet in 1973 This section groups all articles over networking. In the internet age, all networks may be considered as subnet. To transmit data between two hosts in one network,...
Map Of Internet 1973
Network - Application layer (HTTP/HTTPS)

Application layer is the 7 layer of OSI model that contains all services/application that implements a functionality above the transport layer (TCP/UDP) They defined functionalities such as: data format...
Windows Network Protocol Sysinfo
Network - Communication Protocol

A protocol design: the interactions that may occurs between participant and states of this interactions (lifecycle) finite automata In an network, a protocol is the language description on how...
Map Of Internet 1973
Network - Data unit

A buffer in Networking is called a data unit. When data is sent across a network, it is sent as thousands of small chunks called data unit, so that many different users can download the same data at the...
Map Of Internet 1973
Network - Load Balancer (NLB, ALB, CLB)

A Load Balancer distributes incoming traffic across targets, such as VM or container. A load balancer also monitors the health of its registered targets and ensures that it routes traffic only to healthy...
Map Of Internet 1973
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Windows Network Protocol Sysinfo
Network Layer

This page is the protocol that implements Network: Addressing, routing, and traffic control This the layer 4 of the OSI mdoel. These protocols are implemented by the OS but maybe implemented...
Map Of Internet 1973

This page is the model that describes the layers of the internet for data transmission. Level Name Data unit Description Protocol 7 Application layer Message Higher level (Resource Sharing,...

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