Network - Communication Protocol


A protocol design:

  • the interactions that may occurs between participant
  • and states of this interactions (lifecycle)

It's generally designed as a finite automata. State machines are also used to express the valid interaction sequences, called protocols.

In an network, a protocol is the language description on how two or more processes will communicate together.

Same as channel ??.

Protocols are instructions for multiple agents. Algorithms are instructions for single agents.

Manuel Blum #hlf14

Process Communication Channel

Type Client Server Installation Machine
TCP/IP sockets Two different
Shared Memory Same
UNIX domain sockets Same

Using a Shared Memory segment allows for the best performance, but greater memory usage. Using UNIX domain sockets allows for improved performance over TCP/IP, but with less memory consumption than a shared memory segment connection.



Lower Level

Layer 4 of OSI are the protocol implemented by the OS - See Network - transport layer

Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)

A port is also a low level

Example on windows sysinfo will list low network protocol (OSI Layer 4)

Higher level

Operating System


Documentation / Reference

  • Page 39, 2.1.2 - Book - Hopcroft, Motwani, Ullman, Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation 3rd Edition. pdf

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