Network - ipconfig

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Display current TCP/IP network configuration values, and update or release Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allocated leases, and display, register, or flush Domain Name System (DNS) names.

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Map Of Internet 1973
DNS - Cache

A DNS cache is a cache of the result of a DNS lookup (query). The cache is implemented in a DNS library by the resolver. You need to configure the resolver to configure or purge your cache. ...
Linux - ifconfig (Interface Configuration)

ifconfig is the equivalent of ipconfig in DOS where you can configure network interface. Without parameters, it gives you the list of interface with their corresponding IP. Below you can see...
Map Of Internet 1973
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What is a Network Interface?

A network interface is a: software and/or hardware (ie NIC, network interface adapter)) interface between: two pieces of equipment or protocol layers (see socket) in a computer network....

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