Network - Firewall

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The firewall analyzes network traffic and decides whether to ACCEPT or DROP IP packets. At this layer we are talking about:

  • packets and port numbers
  • not applications or sockets.


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Thomas Bayes
Data Mining - Intrusion detection systems (IDS) / Intrusion Prevention / Misuse

Classical security mechanisms, i.e. authentication and encryption, and infrastructure components like firewalls cannot provide perfect security. Therefore, intrusion detection systems (IDS) have been...
Windows Internet Properties Proxy
HTTP - Forward Proxy

A forward proxy is a proxy application that is configured to intercept and forward every internal Http request to an destination website, hence the name Forward Proxy. It's also known as man-in-the-middle...
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IP Masquerade (MASQ / IPMASQ)

IP Masquerade is a networking function that allows a computer to act as an IP gateway that translates address similar to the one-to-many (1:Many) NAT (Network Address Translation) servers found in: ...
Linux Firewall
Linux - Firewall

Firewall on Linux GUI You can manage the firewall and secure linux through the gui: Gnome. System > Administration > Security Level and Firewall. Kde. Applications > System Settings > Security...
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Network - NAT

NAT is a one-to-many (1:Many) Network Address Translation. They are to be found in firewall and network routers.
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Network - Open Port

How to know from a localhost which port are open on a remote host (ie that a firewall is not used or that the process is up and listen) When the scanner sends a SYN packet to open a TCP connection...
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Network Translation

The connection of subnet is done via the translation of the IP in: the source subnet to the target subnet. Mostly, there is a translation between a private subnet and the public subnet (the internet)...
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Ngrok (tunnel as a service)

ngrok exposes local servers (usually a web server) behind NATs and firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels. Authentication Choose a region Conf file ngrok provides a real-time...
Software Security
Software Security

Security regroups many subject area. The most known are: Identity management with: authentication (user/password) and its method (ldap, table, ...) authorization (group, privileges and role, object...
Packet Structure Dns Query
What is IP Packet?

ip packet is the name of a data unit for the network layer (level 3 of the OSI model) (ie IP). packet TCP/IP sends a TCP packet known as segment: which is carried in one or more IP packets by the...

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