Network - Gateway

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Network - Gateway


A gateway is used in route definition

Same as HTTP - Gateway (Reverse Proxy) ??

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Cheatsheet on the usage of Firewalld
Firewalld - Zone

A zone is a grouping of rule configurations known as zone option. A firewall zone is defined for: a connection, an interface or source address binding (range of source addresses) This is a one-to-many...
Map Of Internet 1973
IP Masquerade (MASQ / IPMASQ)

IP Masquerade is a networking function that allows a computer to act as an IP gateway that translates address similar to the one-to-many (1:Many) NAT (Network Address Translation) servers found in: ...
Map Of Internet 1973
Network - Routing Table

The routing information necessary for this is stored in the routing table. You can set the entries in the routing table as: being static (manually) or dynamic (using the routing daemon process)....
Map Of Internet 1973
Network - Virtual Network (Vnet)

A Virtual Network is a logically isolated section of a bigger network. It's used in cloud solution to create its own network. You have complete control over your virtual networking environment, including:...

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