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Wake on LAN (WOL) is a standard that allows you to turn on a computer from another location over a network connection or Internet (recently you can see it named as Wake-On-WAN. WAN = wide area network, such as Internet).

It's important to note that a PC which is switch off doesn't have any IP address. To overcome this issue, you have to identify the PC by its hardware 'MAC' address.

How to discover your IP and MAC address ?

From your computer

You can discover IP and MAC address of your computer by running:

ipconfig.exe /all

On the network

You can try to find it's MAC address from another computer in your local network by pinging it, then displaying ARP table (where you can see IP to MAC correspondence):

ping.exe IP_address
arp.exe -a

Router Configuration

If you use a router you need to set it to :

  • forward all broadcast traffic from some port (typically 9) on your PC of
  • froward with the NAT translation of your router, simply to the IP of your server which is static of define in your DHCP

Here is generic configuration for router (may vary depend on your router and IP addresses used):

Name: WakeOnLan Broadcast
Enable: yes
IP Address: <--- here is the private broadcast IP address of the IP of your server (fix of in your DHCP)
Protocol: UDP
Private Port: 9
Public Port: 9
Schedule: Always 

Login via ssh via Putty

login as: administrator
[email protected]'s password:
Trying to connect to SCM ...
... Connected to SCM

Response: OK



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