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ARIN is a Regional Internet Registry.

They oversee the allocation and registration of Internet number resources in their region (America).

Whois database

ARIN offers a “web-based” interface to Whois data at

Networks and ASNs are collectively referred to as resources in ARIN parlance. They are the pieces of information assigned or allocated to organizations for the coordinated administration and operation of the Internet.

ARIN’s data model has six types of addressable resources. 1) These are reflected in Whois-RWS in the following way:

  • /poc: point of contact - poc is the registration of names, mailboxes, and/or phone numbers which fulfill technical or administrative functions on behalf of either an organization or a resource.
  • /org: organization - organizations are the registrants of resources and have a direct relationship with ARIN.
  • /net: network
  • /customer: customer of an organization
  • /rdns: delegation

Example for a poc

xmllint --format

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