Network - Remote Transfer Application Protocols / Remote File Access (Http, Ftp, Scp, …)


This page is about applications that implements a protocol to transfer/transport data:

  • from a remote services
  • to a local process.

This functionality is also known as remote file access as opposed to local file access) (local data transport) (see also I/O - (Input/Output|Read/Write) - Data Access)

An application is in this context defined as responsible for displaying received information to the user.

You can transfer/transport message that will become:

You generally locate the remote resource (file) with the URL syntax


All these applications are in the application protocol level (layer 4) of the OSI model.

Not to confound with the transport layer (layer 3) TCP/UDP of the OSI model that is only focused on the transport of raw bit data (no data format, no security, …). Ie TCP/UDP.



This list is non-exhaustive

For streaming audio, video:

  • Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).
  • Real Time Streaming Protocol,


Transfer time

For Transfer time, see Network - Latency Calculation (Transfer time)

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