Network - Remote Transfer Application Protocols / Remote File Access (Http, Ftp, Scp, …)


This page is about applications that implements a protocol to transfer/transport data:

  • from a remote services
  • to a local process.

This functionality is also known as remote file access as opposed to local file access) (local data transport) (see also I/O - (Input/Output|Read/Write) - Data Access)

All this application are application protocol level (layer 4) in the OSI.

Not to confound with the transport layer (layer 3) TCP/UDP of the OSI model that is only focused on the transport of raw bit data (no data format, no security, …). Ie TCP/UDP.

An application is in this context defined as responsible for displaying received information to the user.

You can transfer/transport message that will become:

You generally locate the remote resource (file) with the URL syntax



This list is non-exhaustive

For streaming audio, video:

  • Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).
  • Real Time Streaming Protocol,


Transfer time

Documentation / Reference

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