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TLS is a cryptographic protocol and the successor to SSL, and is described in the RFC 2246 standard.

The protocol name was changed from SSL to TLS when it became a standard.

TLS is a protocol that helps provide privacy between communicating applications. When a server and client communicate, TLS ensures that no third party can overhear or tamper with any messages.

TLS is


Externally Internally
SSL 2.0 SSL 2.0
SSL 3.0 SSL 3.0
TLS 1.0 SSL 3.1
TLS 1.1 SSL 3.2
TLS 1.2 SSL 3.3


Handshake / Procedure


For SSL/TLS negotiation (handshake) to take place, the system administrator must prepare the minimum of 2 files:



Chrome dev tool:

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Documentation / Reference

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