Linux / Unix

Distribution and Graphic Environment

Linux is an open source software and anyone can take it and create this own Linux (of distribution). It's why you can find a lot of distribution on the market :

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux (which is derived from Red Hat)
  • Ubuntu 8.04 ( The Linux reference ?)
  • Mandriva Spring One 2008 ( The challenger ? )
  • Fedora 9 ( The most recent version )
  • Open Suse 10.3 ( a Swiss army knife )

The most Linux GUI are :

  • KDE (refer more to the Windows interface)
  • Gnome (refer more to the Mac Os interface)



Cygwin provides a Unix-like environment with utilities under Windows. The installation directory (by default, c:\cygwin) is the root of the Unix-like file system, which contains bin, etc, home, tmp, and usr directories as would be found on a GNU/Linux or other Unix system.

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