Linux - How to determine the version of the kernel ?


This article regroups all the way that you have to determine the version of the kernel from a Linux software.

Information about the kernel can be found with uname command.

Version and errata

To determine the kernel version, enter: $ uname -r

uname -r

In this example, the output shows the kernel version (2.6.18) and errata level (-128.el5) on the system. Errata levels (or erratum kernels) are kernel package updates to fix bugs.

Processor type (X86, X86_64, …)

The processor instruction type

uname -p

Example output for 64 word type


Version and processor

# uname –rm
2.6.9-5.ELsmp i686

The example shows that this is a 2.6.9-5 kernel for an SMP (multiprocessor) server using Intel i686 CPUs.

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