Linux - Package Manager


This is about package manager in Linux that manages linux package.


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Linux - Advanced Package Tool - APT (Debian)

apt is a package manager found for instance on Debian, Ubuntu.
Linux - Package

Package in Linux are managed by package manager. The most used kind of package formats are: tgz (tar gzip files) - source code archives that need to be compiled in order to run the software. ...
Linux - Package Repository

A Package Repository is where OS package are stored. This repository are used by package manager such as yum to search and install packages With yum Output example: yum-config-manager dnf...
Linux Package Installation
Linux - RPM package (RPM: Red Hat Package Manager)

RPM are packages file that you can install on Linux system. This package format was created by Red Hat and standardized by the LSB. It's widely adopted, including in openSUSE. They are .cpio files...
Linux - apk (Alpine Package management)

apk is the package manager of the Alpine Distribution Alpine Linux package management (apk)
What is the yum command (Yellowdog Updater Modified) ?

yum is a software package manager. It is a tool for installing, updating, and removing packages and their dependencies on RPM-based systems. It automatically computes dependencies and figures out what...

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