Linux - Kernel parameters (configuration files)


Common groups of information and parameters concerning the kernel are are set with the help of configuration files and grouped into directories and subdirectories within the /proc/ directory.

The most important directories are:

This directory contains configuration files that directly affect the operation of the Kernel

This directory contains an array of options and information concerning various aspects of the file system, including quota, file handle, inode, and dentry information.

This directory contains subdirectories concerning various networking topics. Various configurations at the time of kernel compilation make different directories available here, such as appletalk, ethernet, ipv4, ipx, and ipv6. Within these directories, system administrators are able to adjust the network configuration on a running system.

If you want to change the kernel parameter values, you don't need to change the configuration files but you have to edit and add them to the file /etc/sysctl.conf. This article talks about this subject: Linux - Kernel Parameter Management (sysctl.conf)



  • sysctl - configure kernel parameters at runtime

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