Linux - Remote Client


How to connect to a linux system in a remote mode ?

In console mode, with the help of this network protocol :

In graphic mode:

Console Mode



Old method: use SSH instead because the connection is not secure and you send all include password in clear on the network

The easiest means of communications between two computers is using the Telnet application.

If I am sitting at computer A I can use the telnet over the network to connect to computer B. Once I connect using the command telnet

. During the connection I will be asked for my login name and password. I can then communicate between the computers using text.

Since the computers are connected via Telnet, I do not need the X-windows system to connect. This is especially good when you are using a modem or a slow network connection.

Telnet's strength is that it does not need windows, or a fast connection. It's useful when you only have a dialup connection. The down side is that it only handles text.

Graphic Mode
X-windows system

X Windows System (commonly X or X11)

Virtual Network Computing


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