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A project consists of a discretely-defined subset of the metadata. Projects can consist of Presentation layer catalogs (subject areas) and their associated business model logical facts, dimensions, groups, users, variables, and initialization blocks. The Oracle BI Administrator creates projects so that developers and groups of developers can work on projects in their area of responsibility.

To see this option, the repository must be open in offline mode.


The following is a list of some of the reasons you might wish to create projects:

  • Multiuser development. During the development process, you want to split up the work (metadata) between different teams within your company. You accomplish this by extracting the metadata into projects so that each project group can access a different part of the metadata.
  • Licensing. Prior to releasing a new software version, you want to make sure that only the metadata that is relevant to the licensed application is in a project and that everything is consistent and complete. You accomplish this by adding only the fact tables that are relevant to the application.

Target levels, list catalogs, and presentation catalogs cannot be added to or removed from projects.

Although, in the left pane, it appears that you can add a presentation catalog, you are actually adding only the underlying fact tables. The presentation catalogs appear as choices only to make it easier for you to add the elements you want in your project. If you select a presentation catalog to add to your project, underlying fact tables of other Presentation catalogs will be automatically be added if needed to make the extract consistent.

Project are logical fact table centric

Project are logical fact table centric. This makes sure that project extracts are consistent and makes licensing much easier to manage.

How to extract a subset of a project ?

To perform an extraction of a project in a sub repository, you must install a Multi User Environnment and perform a check-out.

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