OBIEE 10G/11G - LOCALE system session variable

Obi Edition


The locale variable in the context of OBIEE. It's a system session variable and is used for functions such as:

  • displaying dates and currencies
  • and sorting data.

Some locale- and language-related settings are interrelated and help determine how the Oracle BI Server sorts data.

Default value

Users can change the locale setting on the Preferences tab of the My Account dialog.

Obiee Preference Myaccount Locale Weblanguage


For BI Presentation Service

In OBIEE - Instanceconfig.xml (Configuration Presentation Services):

<!-- To configure a limited set of locales to be available to users uncomment the <AllowedLocales> tag below
 and choose a subset set of locale tags from the list. Values must be comma separated. -->

<!-- <AllowedLocales>ar-dz,ar-bh,ar-dj,ar-eg,ar-iq,ar-jo,ar-kw,ar-lb,ar-ly,ar-ma,ar-om,ar-qa,ar-sa,ar-so,
th-th,tr-tr,zh-cn,zh-mo,zh-sg,zh-tw</AllowedLocales> -->

For BI Server

You can find it in the General section of the NQSConfig.INI file.

Documentation / Reference

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