OBIEE 10G/11G - How to configure the Mail server of Scheduler/Delivers

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This article talk about the configuration of the smtp mail server of Oracle BI Scheduler.

To set up the smtp server, you must enter at least this information as :

  • the sender address
  • the smtp server
  • the smtp port

In 10g, to be able to save an Ibot, you must have performed the initial configuration.

The smtp parameters

Secure or no secure stmp

When you want to set up the smtp server for a computer which move from one network to a another, the smtp server must be a secure SMTP.

Why ?
Because to fight against SPAM, you are often only permitted to send a mail against a non secure SMTP from your network.

For instance, :

  • the smtp of your internet home supplier if you are at home
  • the smtp of your internet company supplier if you are in your company

If you don't know your secure smtp port, a simple search on Google will give you all this details or best, you can go on your provider website.

Example on my provider web site :

Search on google :

Verify your smtp parameters

We will use this parameters for this article :

  • smtp server :
  • port TLS : 587
  • Login : login
  • Password : password

It is the smtp parameters of my company but my laptop is at home.

Before we continue, you must verify your smtp parameters with telnet for instance : Email - How to verify your SMTP connection and parameters (TSL/SSL) with TELNET ?

The mail scheduler configuration windows


The smtp parameters must be fill in the Mail tab of the scheduler configuration windows :

  • in the menu : Manage / Job
  • the job Manager open
  • then Menu / file configuration option / Mail

Obiee Scheduler Configuration Mail

Enter your parameters. Save them and restart the Oracle BI Scheduler Service.

Obiee Presentation Service


In the FMW control, update the parameters in the following tab and restart the Oracle BI Scheduler component.

Obiee11g Deployment Mail

Setting your email in your account


In Oracle BI Presentation Service, click on the link Setting and select my account In the device part, click on the link “Add Email Device” and enter your email.

Obiee Device Mail


In Oracle BI Presentation Service, click on your name and select my account In the delivery option tab, choose Email, click on the green plus sign and enter your email.

Obiee11g Create Maill Device

The result

Create then an Ibot :

  • choose minimum “Me” as recipient (recipients tab)
  • select in the destination tab “Email”.

I have scheduled the period to period comparison lag report with an excel attachment.

Obiee Delivers Smtp Result


If you have a problem, you can find normally the log in the directory :


This location is configured in the IBot tab :

Oracle Bi Scheduler Ibots Config

You have two types of files :

  • the log file with a log extension
  • the error file with a err extension

Bad Credential

You can find the reason of a failure as :

+++ ThreadID: c80 : 2009-04-26 14:34:04.125
    iBotID: /users/administrator/_iBots/lag
[nQSError: 75005] Failed to send AUTH command. 5.7.0 authentication failed

STARTTLS not supported

If you try with Google which require to use a STARTTLS mechanism, you can see that Oracle BI Scheduler don't support it.

+++ ThreadID: 1044 : 2009-05-02 21:13:29.594
    iBotID: /users/administrator/_iBots/lag
[nQSError: 75005] Failed to send AUTH command. No supported authentication mechanism found

C:\Documents and Settings\Nicolas>telnet 587
220 ESMTP 10sm8014744eyd.42
ehlo nico at your service, []
250-SIZE 35651584
530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. 10sm8014744eyd.42

More detail on google account parameters

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