OBIEE 10G/11g - System (Configuration) Management (Mbean) JMX


The Oracle BI Systems Management API is a JMX Admin mbeans application / interface / api enabling to programmatically:


The System Management Console allows to:

  • modify the parameters of the configuration files (nqsconfig.ini, …)
  • get the performance metrics (only in 10g)


For OBIEE 11g version, you use the FMW MBean Console.

The central configuration file where you can find the values of the mbean property is the biee-domain.xml file located in this directory MiddlewareHome\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\config\fmwconfig


You open the System Management console:

When you are not connected to OC4J, the login screen return you to the OC4J Home page, then you have to hit it two times to access the System Management console

  • or via OC4J : http://hostname:9704/em/ > Applications > Oracle BI Management > Administration > Application Defined MBeans

Documentation / Reference

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