OBIEE 10G/11G - BI Scheduler


Oracle BI Scheduler is a server application that:

  • manages and schedules jobs
  • provides extensible scheduling for analyses to be delivered to users at specified times. (Oracle BI Publisher has its own scheduler.)

Type of Jobs

Oracle BI Scheduler supports two kinds of jobs:

Scripted jobs

Scripted jobs are set up and submitted using the Job Manager feature of the Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administration Tool. For example, a scripted job could periodically load Oracle BI Server usage statistics into a back-end database. For scripted jobs, Oracle BI Scheduler communicates with Oracle BI Server. Oracle BI Scheduler supports two published Java interfaces and two scripting languages.

  • Supported Java interfaces:
  • Supported script languages (Windows Platform only):
    • VBScript
    • JScript

Unscripted jobs, called (iBots|Agent)

(iBots|Agent) delivers reports and alerts to end users. (iBots|Agent) are configured and submitted for execution using the web client Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers which is a module of BI Presentation Service.




You use the Repository Creation Utility (RCU) to create Oracle BI Scheduler database schemas and tables.

You can also create tables in Oracle BI Scheduler's schema for use with other major commercial databases, by running the SQL scripts in the following directory:



Table Name Table Description
S_NQ_JOB This table is used by Scheduler to store information about scheduled jobs
S_NQ_INSTANCE The S_NQ_INSTANCE table stores information about scheduled job instances
S_NQ_ERR_MSG This table stores error messages for Scheduler job instances that do not complete successfully.
S_NQ_JOB_PARAM This table holds information about Scheduler job parameters for scheduled jobs


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