OBIEE - Security


To determines who has the ability to view data and objects, you can combine several parameters configuration on different security levels:

  • Object Security: business logic security (repository) and catalog object security (presentation service),
  • Data Security: column (include in the business logic security) and row security (through repository filter dependent of the login)

The security process is made up of two sub-process:

  • authentication of the user. Is the user the right person ?
  • authorization of the user. Has the user the right to:
    • see this object (Object Permission on column, reports, …),
    • see this data (Data Permission),
    • perform this actions (Application Permission).

The security management in OBIEE is based on the use of this three variables :

Variable by security process:

Security Process USER PASSWORD GROUP Variables
Authentication x x
Object Authorization (and filter restriction) x x x

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