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MOS is an acronym for My Oracle Support. It's the single entry for the Oracle Support. You can touch it on this URL:

Contact: Local contact phone number


Before the end of 2009, Oracle had two support web site that are fusionned in one.

  • My Oracle Support for the products :
    • Oracle,
    • Agile,
    • Metasolv,
    • Empirix,
    • BEA
  • Metalink 3 for the products :
    • Siebel,
    • Hyperion,
    • PeopleSoft,
    • JD Edwards

Oracle Support Priorities

Minimize system disruption through:

  • Problem Avoidance (resolving configuration and data issues that would cause processes to fail)
  • Self Service Resolution (resolving problems without the need to contact Oracle Support)
  • Reduction in Resolution Time (minimizing the time spent to resolve an issue)

Support Maturity Model


  • System goes down
  • You call Support
  • You wait for Support to call back
  • Support calls you back
  • You download and install a patch
  • System is eventually recovered


  • Support notifies you of the latest patches
  • You figure out which patches apply to your system
  • You download the new patches
  • You install the new patches
  • System outage is averted some of the time


  • Specific software defect is idenfified
  • You are automatically notified of the potential problem & impact
  • You’re offered a remedy
  • You implement the recommended remedy
  • System outage is averted most of the time

LifeTime Support

Date of End Support after the GA

  • Premier: 5 years
  • Extended: 5+3 years
  • Substainable: Indefinite

Mos Lifetime Support

Product Premier Support Extended Support Sustaining Support
Major Product and Technology Releases Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support Yes Yes Yes
Access to Knowledge Base
(Oracle MetaLink/ PeopleSoft Customer Connection/Siebel SupportWeb)
Yes Yes Yes
Updates, Fixes, Security Alerts, datafixes, and Critical Patch Updates Yes Yes * Pre-existing **
Pre-Existing Only Yes Yes Pre-existing **
Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Updates Yes Yes
Upgrade Scripts Yes Yes Pre-existing **
Pre-Existing Only Yes Yes
Certification with most existing Third-Party Products Yes Yes
Certification with most new Third-Party Products Yes Yes
Certification with most new Oracle products Yes
Certification with most existing Oracle products Yes Yes
  • * :New Updates and Fixes created during Extended Support are made downioadable only for the customers with valid Extended Support
  • ** :Pre-existing: Any Updates, Fixes, Upgrade Scripts, Security Alerts, and Critical Patch Updates created during Premier Support.

Support fee from the general date of availability:

Support Price Growth vs Premier support fee Time from GA
Premier support fee 100 $ first 5 year
Extended support fee 110 $ 10% year 6
Extended support fee 120 $ 20% year 7 and 8
Sustaining Support 100 $ equal (no uplift) any year

Multi-vendor Support Program (MVSP)

The Oracle Multi-Vendor Support Program (MVSP) is a program that provides a collaborative structure for support issues involving multiple vendor products. The focus of this program is to enhance the level of customer satisfaction by facilitating 3rd party vendor interactions.

Members of:

registered for the MVSP, can participate in this program.

OPN Website > Support > MVSP

OPN members must meet the Application Requirements and agree to the Collaboration Requirements below. Requirements may change at the sole discretion of Oracle program management.

Application Requirements

  • Partner must be a current OPN member in good standing
  • Partner must apply and received confirmation of acceptance for use of this benefit
  • Partner must be accepted into the Product Focus Area(s) for the product on which they wish to collaborate
  • Partner must have a published profile in OPN Solutions Catalog
  • Partner must have a customer that has an active Oracle support agreement

Requirements for Collaboration

  • Partner must agree to collaborate with Oracle
  • Partner must follow specific inbound Contact Instructions
  • Partner must use their MVSP support identifier number assigned
  • Partner must provide the mutual Customer’s support ID number
  • Partner must respond to all request by Oracle based on the following
  • Severity levels:
    • Severity 1 – within 1 hour
    • Severity 2 – within 2 hours
    • Severity 3 – within the next business day
    • Severity 4 – within the next business day
  • Partner must provide and maintain standard contact information
  • Partner must provide and maintain escalation instructions

Data Collector


Tools that provides a mechanism for uploading both diagnostic and configuration information as attachment to an SR.

Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM)

FMW - (Collector|Oracle Configuration Manager) (Ocm|Ccr)


RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent) is:

  • a set of command line, diagnostic and data collection scripts
  • used to gather detailed diagnostic information about an oracle environment

and collect only:

  • data for Oracle Support (a security filter is provided if required)


  • Harvester EM Grid Control for configuration collection
  • Oracle Support Hub - Single point for uploading configuration data]]
  • Mass Deployment Tool - Single Point Distribution Tool. Allos for the instllation of configuration manager software to multiples homes from a single point

You can download Oracle Support Hub and Mass Deployment Tool from the Collectors tab in my Oracle Support.

Service Request

First, search the knowledge bases

Severity Name Definition
Severity Level 4 No Business Impact No loos of service or ressources
Severity Level 3 Minor Business Impact Minor loss of service or resources
Severity Level 2 Serious Business Impact Severe loss of service w/o acceptable workaround
Severity Level 1 Critical Business Impact Complete loss of service or resources and work cannot reasonably continue - the work is considered “mission critical”


  • RDA: Remote Diagnostic Agent
  • Camstudio


For an escalation process (to an manager level), you have to update SR in My Oracle Support and then call into Support.

  • Asking to increase the severity is NOT an escalation
  • Escalating an issue means bringing Oracle Support Management attention to your service request
  • Escalating your service request will provide a direct, 2- way dialogue with a manager support
  • Severity increases can be discussed during the dialogue

Sr Escalation

Diagnostic Tools

The can be accessed via:

For example:

  • Maintenance / Upgrade Companion (Wizard)
  • RDA: Remote Diagnostic Agent
  • DBA Script Library
  • Performance Tuning Tools (Linux and Unix only)
  • SQL Tuning scripts
  • Diagnostic Support Pack

Tuning Tools



  • SQLTXPLAIN.SQL. Generates comprehensive diagnostic files normally used in the area of SQL analysis and tuning
  • Trace Analyzer - TRCANLZR. Reads and parses one or several SQL traces and producs a comprehensive report with performance related details. Outpu report includes all the detials found on TKPROF, plus additional information normally used for a process performance analysis.

Oracle Collaborative Support (OCS)


Mos Oracle Webconferencing



  • Oracle University
  • Oracle by Examole
  • Oracle Events (Regional and Webcasts)

Service Catalog

Complete portfolio of services covering the entire solution lifecycle

  • Developed to assist customers in:
    • Reducing total cost of ownership
    • Lowering risk
    • Improving business value
  • Dynamic filtering and navigation to your required services
    • ITIL Phase
    • Oracle Line of Business
    • Alphabetical
  • Summary description of all support services

Success Self-Assessment

The url string was not validated as an URL (htt:// Error: The scheme (htt) of the URL (htt:// is not authorizedCustomer Success. Get more value out of your oracle investment

  • 10-15 min Complementary on-line Survey on 5 domains:
    • Strategy
    • Process
    • Technology
    • People
    • Governance
  • Received personlaized benchmark study
    • Compare results to peer
    • Provides advice on25 good practive areas
    • Recommends actions to improve practices
    • Highlights Oracle Service to assist in practice improvements
  • Navigate oracle's Customer Service catalog
    • Complete Portfolio of services across the solution lifecycle (ITIL).

Support Newsletters

Support Newsletters:

  • enhance the service experience with Oracle Support by pro-actively providing valuable information
    • News
    • Technical Content
  • Technical Updates
  • focuses on specific product areas
  • Subscriptions can be received via email (subscribe)


  • My Oracle Support (Communities)
  • OTN Forums
  • Oracle Wiki
  • Oracle Blogs
  • Oracle Podcasts
  • Oracle Newsletters
  • Oracle Mix
  • Asktom
  • Usersgroups

Transfer of information (TOI)

Mos Toi

TOI New features online training

  • Available to Oracle Supported customers at product release
  • These online courses provide release-specific product knowledge that enables to:
    • plan
    • implement/upgrade
    • and support Oracle Applications and Technology products



Systems are named collections of hardware, software and operating system running on a machine.

Documentation / Reference

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