Oracle Database - DBMS_XPLAN

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Dbms_xplan is a method for:

It displays:

  • the SQL execution plan (VSQL_PLAN)
  • and SQL execution runtime statistics for cached SQL cursors (VSQL_PLAN_STATISTICS_ALL)
  • plans from a SQL plan baseline.

It includs the supplemental information at the bottom of the report (new in Oracle9i release2)



to format and display the contents of a plan table. The query :

Select * From table( dbms_xplan.display)

Will perform the same function than the @?rdms\admin\utlxpls.sql

Actual Plan

Using it with the VSQL_PLAN dynamic performance view, we can easily dump the query plans for already executed statements, directly from the database : Actual Plan with DBMS XPLAN

Documentation / Reference

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