Oracle Database - Installation of 11gR1/R2 on Windows


Installation of Oracle Database 11g on Windows.

You can download the oracle software from OTN or better the latest patch from Oracle Company - My Oracle Support (MOS).

Starting with the patch set, Oracle Database patch sets are full installations of the Oracle Database software. This means that you do not need to install Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( before installing Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (


Hardware Requirements

Requirement Minimum Value
Physical memory (RAM) 1 GB minimum
Virtual memory Double the amount of RAM
Disk space Total: 4.76 GB
Video adapter 256 colors
Processor 550 MHz minimum (On Windows Vista, 800 MHz minimum)


  • Select Installation Method : Choose Advanced Installation
  • Select Installation Type : Choose Entreprise Edition
  • Install Location : Leave the default values

  • Security Parameters : Leave the fields blank
  • Prerequisites Check : All check must have a “Succeeded” status
  • Select Configuration Option : Check “Create a database”
  • Select Database Configuration : Select Data Warehouse
  • Specify Database Configuration Options : Leave the default values

  • Specify Database Config Details :
    • Memory tab : Leave the default values
    • Character Sets : Choose the AL32UTF8 to have no language problem
    • Security : Disable all security checked. For test use, it's not mandatory.
    • Sample Schema : Checked.

  • Select Database Management Option : Use Database Control for database management. No Email Notification.
  • Specify Database Storage Option : File System and leave the default value (eg: C:\app\Administrator\oradata)
  • Specify Backup and Recovery Options : Do not enable Automated Backup
  • Specify Database Schema Passwords : “Use the same password for all accounts” checked with pw as password

The following password are not allowed :

  • change_on_install for SYS
  • manager for SYSTEM
  • sysman for SYSMAN
  • dbsnmp for DBSNMP

  • Summary : Verify and click the “Install” button.
  • Configuration Assistant : Two assistants start :
    • Oracle Net Configuration Assistant : To configure the listener
    • Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (ODBCA) : To create the database

You must obtain this message when the the database creation is complete :

By clicking on the password management button, you can unlock the accounts :

  • End of Installation

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