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PL/SQL package DBMS_XDB is the Oracle XML DB resource application program interface (API) for PL/SQL. It is also known as the PL/SQL foldering API. This API provides functions and procedures to access and manage Oracle XML DB Repository resources using PL/SQL. It includes methods for managing resource security and Oracle XML DB configuration.

Oracle XML DB Repository is modeled on XML, and provides a database file system for any data. The repository maps path names (or URLs) onto database objects of XMLType and provides management facilities for these objects.

PL/SQL package DBMS_XDB is an API that you can use to manage all of the following:

  • Oracle XML DB resources
  • Oracle XML DB security based on access control lists (ACLs). An ACL is a list of access control entries (ACEs) that determines which principals (users and roles) have access to which resources
  • Oracle XML DB configuration

Documentation / Reference

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