Oracle Database - Oracle Net Manager

1 - About

Oracle Net Manager enables you to configure Oracle Net Services for an Oracle home on a local client or server host.

You can use Oracle Net Manager to configure the following network components:

  • Local Naming — Define simple names, connect identifiers, and map them to connect descriptors to identify the network location and identification of a service. Oracle Net Manager supports configuration of connect descriptors in local tnsnames.ora files or a centralized directory service.
  • Naming Methods — Configure the different ways in which connect identifiers are resolved into connect descriptors.
  • Profiles — Configure preferences for enabling and configuring Oracle Net features on the client or server.
  • Listeners — Create and configure listeners to receive client connections.

3 - How to start Oracle Net Manager?

You can start Oracle Net Manager using:

  • the Oracle Enterprise Manager ConsoleTools > Service Management > Oracle Net Manager.
  • or as a standalone application
    • On UNIX, run netmgr from $ORACLE_HOME/bin
    • On Windows, choose Start > Programs > Oracle - HOME_NAME >Configuration and Migration Tools > Net Manager.

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