Oracle Database - Grid Control


To simplify database administration, Oracle provides a Web-based management tool called Oracle Enterprise Manager.

When you deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g centrally in the environment, you use a single HTML interface to manage and monitor software and hardware targets on all of your systems.

Targets can include:

  • Oracle databases,
  • application servers,
  • Net listeners,
  • and third-party software.

This single interface is called Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (or simply Oracle Database - Grid Control).

Oracle grid infrastructure

With Oracle grid infrastructure 11g release 2 (11.2), Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) and Oracle Clusterware are installed into a single home directory, which is referred to as the Grid Infrastructure home.

The installation of the combined products is called Oracle grid infrastructure. However, Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Automatic Storage Management remain separate products.

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