Oracle Partition - Split



alter table tableName


  • AT Clause: The AT clause applies only to range partitions.
  • VALUES Clause: The VALUES clause applies only to list partitions.
  • The INTO clause lets you describe the two partitions resulting from the split.
    • In partition_spec, the keyword PARTITION is required even if you do not specify the optional names and physical attributes of the two partitions resulting from the split. If you do not specify new partition names, then Oracle Database assigns names of the form SYS_Pn. Any attributes you do not specify are inherited from current_partition.


Specify the new noninclusive (LESS THAN) upper bound for the first of the two new partitions.


alter table tableName split partition partitionName 
at ( to_date( '02-01-2000', 'mm-dd-yyyy' ) ) 
into ( newPartitionNameBelow, newPartitionNameAbove );


  • Specify the partition values you want to include in the first of the two new partitions. Oracle Database creates the first new partition using the partition value list you specify and creates the second new partition using the remaining partition values from current_partition. Therefore, the value list cannot contain all of the partition values of current_partition, nor can it contain any partition values that do not already exist for current_partition.

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