Oracle Database - Naming convention


Below is the naming convention for database object


Two objects can not have the same name in the same namespace. The namespace is normally the schema where the object is created excepted for an index because it has its own namespace within the schema. Therefore an index can have the same name than any other object in the same schema.

Case Sensitivity

All objects are case insensitive and are treated as upper-case letters if they are not enclosed between double quotation.

Naming Rules


  • The length must be at least one character, and no more than 3O characters.
  • The first character must be a letter.
  • Names may include letters, numbers and the following special characters:
    • the dollar sign ($),
    • the underscore (_)
    • and the hash mark (or pound sign) (#)
  • Names cannot be reserved words such as SELECT, CREATE, etc,


By using double quotation marks, you can include special characters such as space


Avoid using system Oracle prefixes such as:

  • SYS
  • ALL
  • DBA
  • GB$
  • NLS
  • ROLE
  • USER
  • V$

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