Oracle Database - NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS (decimal separator and thousands separator)

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The NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS option specifies the decimal marker (of decimal separator) and thousands group marker (of group separator) for the session.

The NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS is a result of the NLS_LANG setting.

The decimal character and the group separator must be two different single-byte characters, and cannot be a numeric value or any of the following characters: plus sign (“+”), less-than sign (“<”), minus sign or hyphen (“-” ), or greater-than sign (“>”).

If the decimal character is not a period (.), you must use single quotation marks to enclose all number values that appear in expressions in your SQL statements.

NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS affects the display of numeric data.

Within a session, you can dynamically modify the value by using the SQL statement



Changing the Decimal Marker to a Comma

The following statement changes the decimal marker to a comma, and the thousands marker to a space.


The result of 1234.56 is now 1 234,56.


  • See Oracle Database Reference for more information about NLS initialization parameters.

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