Oracle - SQL*Loader


A utility data loader for the Oracle database



ORA-1722 invalid number

Reason: NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS is equal to ',.' or '.,' based upon the Territory (NLS_LANG) you are in.


The NLS_LANG setting above results in ',.' For NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS.

The number 13.4 is not valid in this case and produces ORA-1722.

Characters not loaded correctly due to an incorrect characterset specified

Reason: The characterset specified needs to be the characterset of the data to be loaded (unless the CHARACTERSET keyword is used).

ORA-02266: unique/primary keys in table referenced by enabled foreign keys

If you are trying to use the TRUNCATE Option, use the REPLACE option instead.

Field in data file exceeds maximum length

A variable length field defaults to 255 bytes for a CHAR. If no datatype is specified, it defaults to a CHAR of 255 bytes.

To avoid this error, set the datatype with a big buffer as:

"DESC" CHAR(5000)

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