Oracle Database - Physical Database Structures (Files)

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Oracle Database files include:

and can be managed with asm

Other file: data pump export files

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Oracle Database - ASM (Automatic Storage Management)

Starting with Oracle Database 10g ( or later), Automatic Storage Management is a high-performance storage management solution. For Oracle Database files, it simplifies the management of a dynamic...
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Oracle Database - Control Files

Every Oracle database has a control file. Every time an instance of an Oracle database is started, its control file identifies the physical structure: the datafiles, the tempfiles, and redo...
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Oracle Database - Data Dictionary

A data dictionary is a repository of metadata. The data dictionary of Oracle is stored in the SYS schema. Each Oracle database has a data dictionary, which is a set of tables and views that serve as...
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Oracle Database - Database

A database in the context of Oracle is a collection of files (physical structures): data files, control files, redo log files ... A database may be mounted and opened by many instances. This...
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Oracle Database - File System

The file system is a storage option for the database files during the installation of a database. Oracle Database Configuration Assistant creates the database files in a directory on a file system mounted...
Oracle Database 11gr2 Typical Installation
Oracle Database - Installation 11g Release 2 (11.2) on Linux OEL 5 (X86)

Installation of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2) on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. Linux OEL installation login as root RAM: At least 1 GB swap space The following table describes...
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Oracle Database - Logical Structure

The physical structures of the database contain logical structures: data blocks, extents, segments. tablespaces, and schema objects, Because the physical and logical structures are separate,...
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Oracle Database - Storage Options

When you create a database during the installation, you can specify one of the following storage options for database files: File System Automatic Storage Management : Virtualize and share...

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