Oracle Database - Naming method (naming resolution method)

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The Oracle Net Services naming method is resolution method used by a client application to resolve a connect identifier to a connect descriptor when attempting to connect to a database service.

They support:

  • localized configuration on each client,
  • or centralized configuration that can be accessed by all clients in the network.

Oracle Net provides four naming methods:

Naming Method Repository Type
local naming local with the tnsnames.ora file
directory naming central with an ldap
Easy Connect naming does not require a repository
external naming

Choosing a Naming Method

Selecting the appropriate naming method for mapping names to connect descriptors depends upon the size of the organization.

  • For a small organization with only a few databases, use Easy Connect naming to make TCP/IP connections with the host name of the database server or local naming to store names in tnsnames.ora file on the clients.
  • For large organizations with several databases, use directory naming to store names in a centralized directory server.
  • For an Internet network, configure the application Web servers needed to connect to the databases with the local naming method.

Documentation / Reference

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