Oracle Database - tnsnames.ora

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Located primarily on the clients, this file contains net service names mapped to connect descriptors and is a part of the local naming method in order to make a database connection.

If the file is not found in the directory specified by the TNS_ADMIN, then Oracle Net will check the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory.


Simple format

net_service_name =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = oel11g)(PORT = 1521))
      (SERVICE_NAME = orcl.localdomain)

Cluster TNS name

RAC1 =
          (SERVER = DEDICATED)


The tnsnames.ora file is located in the $Oracle_Home\Network\Admin\ directory.


The Tnsnames must be in the directory given by the TNS_ADMIN directory.

echo %TNS_ADMIN%
D:\svn\Config\Oracle Database

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