Oracle Database - Net Service Name (tnsname)

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A simple name for a service that resolves to a connect descriptor.

Users initiate a connect request by passing a user name and password, along with a net service name in a connect string, for the service to which they want to connect:

CONNECT username@net_service_name

For instance with SqlPlus - SqlPlus Command :

sqlplus user/password@net_service_name

You can connect in an other way with the easy connect method

Depending on your needs, net service names can be stored in a variety of places, including:

  • Local configuration file, tnsnames.ora, on each client
  • Directory server
  • External naming service, such as NIS

It is used to define the database service where you want to make a connection.


Example :

net_service_name = 
) (SID = orcl)))

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