SqlPlus - SqlPlus Command

1 - Syntax

sqlplus username/[email protected] command


  • username is the database login name
  • password is the password. If the password contains an ampersand, you can escape it like this \”[email protected]\”
  • identifier is a connect identifier
  • command, generally @script.sql

3 - How to start SQLPlus

3.1 - Maven

			<!-- where the SQL script is run from -->
			<!-- set env variables -->
			<!-- arguments to be passed to SQLPLUS -->
				<argument>user/[email protected]:1521/ORCL</argument>

3.2 - Jenkins

sqlplus %SQL_USER%/\"%SQL_PWD%\"@localhost:1521/ORCL @execution.sql 2>&1 output.txt


  • %SQL_USER% and %SQL_PWD% are environment variable created by the Jenkins Credential Manager

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