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CONNECT is a SQLPlus command that permits to make a connection as a user with a database (instance of).


CONN[ECT] [{logon|/|proxy}


  • logon has the following syntax: username/password@connect_identifier
  • proxy has the syntax: proxyuser[username]/password@connect_identifier
  • edition specify the database edition to use (same effect than the ORA_EDITION environment variable)


Connect identifiers used in a connect string cannot contain spaces, unless enclosed within single quotes (') or double quotes (“). In the following examples, a connect identifier and a connect descriptor that contain spaces are enclosed within single quotes:

CONNECT scott/tiger@'(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=sales-server)
CONNECT scott/tiger@'cn=sales, cn=OracleContext, dc=us, dc=acme, dc=com'

Single quotes (') are required if a double quote (”) is used in a connect identifier. For example:

CONNECT scott/tiger@'sales@Good"Fast"Food.com' 

Likewise, double quotes (“) are required if a single quote (') is used in a connect identifier. For example:

CONNECT scott/tiger@"cn=sales, cn=OracleContext, ou=Mary's Dept, o=acme" 

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