SQL Plus - Special Characters

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Useful command in sqlplus.




The At & character is the default character that define a substitution variable. You can change it with the define system variable.


How you can use a bind variable in SQLPlus



The slash command (/):

  • is an end of statement character for a PL/SQL block in a script
  • is an alias for the run command. It runs the last query : /

Exclamation mark

The exclamation mark is an alias of the HOST command on Unix system. It permits to send an shell command.

SQL> !pwd


See SQL Plus - (Arobase|At) (@ and @@)


; is:

  • the end of a SQL command in a script
  • an alias to the LIST command



The anti-slash (\) is the default escape character

Environment Variable

Question mark

The question mark is the equivalent of the ORACLE_HOME directory when using the start command.

Example: to start the compilation script utlrp.sql




The Period is the default character of concat

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