SQL Plus - Set

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Sets a system variable to alter the SQL*Plus environment settings for your current session.

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SQL Plus - Command Reference

Commands Description @ @@ / ACCEPT APPEND ARCHIVE ATTRIBUTE BREAK BTITLE CHANGE CLEAR COLUMN COMPUTE CONNECT COPY Copies data from a query to a table in the same or another...
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SQL Plus - Store (System Variables)

Saves system variables in a script. where: set refer to the set command in order to save the system variables
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SQL Plus - System Variable (Configuration)

System Variables Description APPI[NFO]{ON | OFF | text} Sets automatic registering of scripts through the DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package. arraysize Sets the number of rows, called a batch, that SQLPlus...
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SQL Plus - blank line

A blank line in a SQL statement or script tells SQLPlus that you have finished entering the command, but do not want to run it yet. You can change the way blank lines appear and behave in SQL statements...
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Sql Plus - Diagnostic

How to debug a sqlplus script: See To debug, “set pause on” put a pause after all command To debug, “set echo on” To debug, “set feedback on” verify

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