SQL Plus - Start Command

1 - About

Runs the SQL*Plus statements in the specified script. The script can be called from the local file system or a web server.

3 - Syntax

STA[RT] {url|file_name} [arg ...]


4 - Alias

5 - Script Path Resolution

The script will be search:

  • in the working directory
  • in one of the directories defined in the SQLPATH environment variable

6 - Example

With the following test script:

Prompt Hello &1 &2 &3

  • On the SQLPlus command line without quotes

start test.sql Gerard Nico !

Hello Gerard Nico !

  • On the SQLPlus command line with quotes

start test.sql "GerArd Nico"  "GerNicooo oo !" "Nico !"

Hello GerArd Nico GerNicooo oo ! Nico !

7 - Configuration

See SQL Plus - Echo

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