OWB - OMB (Oracle Meta Base) Language

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OMB is :

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As OMB use Tool Command Language (TCL) as support language, you can in theory use any Integrated development environment (ide) that manage Tool Command Language (TCL).


Useful Command

Useful Commande Goal Example
[lindex argv 0] To pass parameter to a OMBPlus Script See expert article for an example
set OMBCONTINUE_ON_ERROR true; To continue on error
set systemTime [clock seconds];

Code Modularity

To modularize the OMB code, you can use:

  • use the source command to launch an external tcl script (source MyTclScript.tcl)
  • define the procedures in the Procedure Declaration panel of a common expert, and then add the expert into another (nest it), then call the procedure (for example if the expert define procedure PX is defined EX1, and the top level is called EX2, add EX1 into EX2, then in some OMB of EX2, call EX1_ns::PX)

To get a filtered list for instance of all table with KWI in their name:


More: Using OMB*Plus to Navigate Repositories - Sample with :

  • and OMBDCC

Documentation, Example, Model


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