OWB - Repository Browser


Repository Browser is a J2EE web software interface that permit you to:

The application owbb.war is located in this directory Owb_Home\10203\owb\j2ee

How ?

to grant it

To be able to connect to the Web repository Browser, you must have the ACCESS_PUBLICVIEW_BROWSER privileges.

Don't forget to save the repository. A click on the OK button is not enough.

to start/stop it

You must first:

  • start the listener

The first time you invoke this listener, select and re-confirm a password for an oc4jadmin account. The next time, it would not be necessary.

owb_home\owb\bin\win32\startOwbbInst.bat start the OWB browser listener
owb_home\owb\bin\win32\stopOwbbInst.bat stop the OWB browser listener (password was given during the process start)
owb_home\owb\bin\win32\openDB.bat start the Web Repository Browser

You can launch them from the start menu.

to call/launch it

from an URL

You can call it of through the short-cut menu or directly on this URL:

from OWB

By default, OWB add to the URL the default value connections such as host, port and service with the help of this URL parameters:


 but they are filled in with a NULL value if you have choose the TNS method during your connection to OWB as you can see in the session properties

From the OWB Menu

From a Mapping

You can call it from the contextual menu. Example with a table.


It seems that the port is located in the file owb-home/j2ee/config/http-web-site.xml. See attribute: port


Not a valid Warehouse Builder Control Center

When you try to connect, you can have this message: Not a valid Warehouse Builder Control Center. This is a standard message. To resolve it:

Documentation / Reference

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