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Repository Browser is a J2EE web software interface that permit you to:

The application owbb.war is located in this directory Owb_Home\10203\owb\j2ee

How ?

to grant it

To be able to connect to the Web repository Browser, you must have the ACCESS_PUBLICVIEW_BROWSER privileges.

Owb Access Publicview Browser

Don't forget to save the repository. A click on the OK button is not enough.

to start/stop it

You must first:

  • start the listener

The first time you invoke this listener, select and re-confirm a password for an oc4jadmin account. The next time, it would not be necessary.

owb_home\owb\bin\win32\startOwbbInst.bat start the OWB browser listener
owb_home\owb\bin\win32\stopOwbbInst.bat stop the OWB browser listener (password was given during the process start)
owb_home\owb\bin\win32\openDB.bat start the Web Repository Browser

You can launch them from the start menu.

Owb Repository Start Menu

to call/launch it

from an URL

You can call it of through the short-cut menu or directly on this URL:

from OWB

By default, OWB add to the URL the default value connections such as host, port and service with the help of this URL parameters:


Owb Session Properties but they are filled in with a NULL value if you have choose the TNS method during your connection to OWB as you can see in the session properties

From the OWB Menu

Owb Repository Browser Menu

From a Mapping

You can call it from the contextual menu. Example with a table.

Owb Browser Listener


It seems that the port is located in the file owb-home/j2ee/config/http-web-site.xml. See attribute: port


Not a valid Warehouse Builder Control Center

When you try to connect, you can have this message: Not a valid Warehouse Builder Control Center. This is a standard message. To resolve it:

Owb Not A Valid Warehouse Builder Control Center

Documentation / Reference

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