OWB - Process Flow Parameters and Variables

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All mapping, activity in OWB is a program and then you can pass them a variable.

For each parameter, Warehouse Builder defines a :

  • Name,
  • Direction,

A direction of IN indicates that the parameter is an input parameter and OUT an output parameter.

And for each parameter, you can specify values for:

  • Binding,

Use binding to pass a parameters to another parameters. If you assign a parameter in Binding, it overrides any text you assign to Value.

  • Literal,

If you type in a value for the parameter in the field Value, indicate whether the value is literal or an expression. The literal data types follow the PL/SQL literal value specification except for calendar data types. These data types are represented in a standard format as the Process Flow interacts with data sources from different locations.

Literal Value Type Format Example
DATE YYYY-MM-DD 21-3-2006
DATE YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS 21-3-2006 15:45
TIMESTAMP YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS.FF9 2006-03-21 15:45:00.000000000
TIMESTAMP_TZ YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS.FF9 TZH:TZM 2006-03-21 15:45:00.000000000 +01:00
DMINVERVAL [+-]DDDDDDDDD HH24:MI.SS.FF9 +000000001 01:01:01.000000001
  • Value,
  • and Description.

The image below gives the scope and direction of each variable.

Owb Process Flow Parameter Scope And Direction


Process Flow Parameters and Variable

Owb Process Flow Declaration Variable

Activity Parameters

Process Flow Activity Parameters

Transition Expression

Process Flow Transition Parameters Variables

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