OWB - Materialized View


The Oracle materialized view (MV) in OWB

How to create it

To create an Oracle materialized view (MV) using OWB :

  1. Launch OWB and open your project
  2. Expand the Database node
  3. Expand the target module
  4. Right click on Materialized Views and select Create
  5. A wizard pops up containing 6 steps
    1. Give it a name
    2. Define the name, data type, and whether mandatory for each column
    3. Type or paste the MV SQL - just the select portion
    4. Define constraints - optional
    5. Define attribute sets - optional
    6. Finish
  6. After the MV has been created you can get back to the above wizard using right click on the MV and from the pop-up selecting Properties
  7. To set Build and Refresh characteristics, right click on the MV and from the pop-up select Configure

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