OWB - Mapping and Process Flow Scheduling


  • Navigate to the Schedules node in the Design Center Console and create a new Schedules module called MY_SCHEDULES. For the location, select your TARGET_LOCATION, as the schedule will be deployed to the database.
  • Create a new schedule, TEST_SCH, with time greater than current database machine time (server where the job executes).
  • Associate your schedule with the mapping or process flow. Right click the mapping or process flow and select the option “Configure” and “set Referred Calendar” to TEST_SCH.
  • In the Control Center Manager, navigate to your TARGET_LOCATION and note the Scheduled Job TEST_SCH_JOB under the Scheduled Jobs node. Deploy the job with action “Create”.
  • Using SQLPlus logged into the database as the TARGET user, verify the user has a job TEST_SCH_JOB, in state DISABLED:
select job_name, state from user_scheduler_jobs;
  • Use the Schedule tab on the Control Center Jobs panel in the Control Center Manager to schedule the job. Highlight, right click the job and from the pop-up menu select “start”. Use the same query to check the current status:
select job_name, state from user_scheduler_jobs;

The above query will show whether the scheduled job is SCHEDULED, RUNNING or SUCCEEDED.

Documentation / Reference

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