OWB - Functional Dependency Rule


A functional dependency occur when :

The data of an attribute A (of a column) depend of a value of an other attribute B (of column) in the same table

Then we say that

  • The attribute A is the dependent
  • The attribute B is the determinant

A is then a derived attribute of B.

Functional Dependency tab

In the data profiling tools, the Functional Dependency tab shows any attribute(s) that seem to depend on or determine other attributes.

  • Determinant: The name of the attribute that is found to determine the attribute listed in the Dependent
  • Dependent: The name of the attribute found to be determined by value of another attribute
  • # Defects and % Compliance: These columns show the number of values that did not show the discovered dependency, and the percentage of values that did meet it.
  • Six Sigma: The six sigma value.
  • Type: The suggested action for the discovered dependency.

Data Rule

When you create a data rule with Project Explorer, OWB will ask you this two parameters.

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