OWB - Flat File

Card Puncher Data Processing

: carriage return
  • \n : new line
Data Characteristics Property
String Sizes in: This property indicates how Warehouse Builder handles data with multibyte character sets, such as UTF16. By default, Warehouse Builder assumes the lengths for character strings in the data file are in bytes. You can change the selection to indicate that strings sizes are specified in characters.Endian: The default for the Endian property is Platform. This indicates that Warehouse Builder assumes the endian of the flat file matches the endian of the platform on which it resides. If the file resides on a Windows platform, the data is handled as little-endian data. If the file resides on Sun Solaris or IBM MVS, the data is handled as big-endian. If you know the endian value for the flat file, you can select big or little-endian. If the file is UTF16 and contains a mark at the beginning of the file indicating the endian, Warehouse Builder uses that endian.
code page / character set
How to find the current
To find the current console code page, issue the CHCP command in the Command Prompt window. 437 OEM United State
NLS_LANG Settings in Console Mode and Batch Mode
Before you can use Oracle utilities such as SQL*Plus, SQL Loader, Import, and Export from the Command Prompt window, you may have to set the character set field of the NLS_LANG parameter to a value different than the one set in Registry.This is required because programs running in console mode use, with a few exceptions, a different code page (known also as character set) from programs running in GUI mode. The default Oracle home NLS_LANG parameter in the Registry is always set to the appropriate GUI code page. If you do not set the NLS_LANG parameter for the console mode session correctly, incorrect character conversion can corrupt error messages and data.
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Card Puncher Data Processing
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Card Puncher Data Processing
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