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The Table operator enables you to source data from and load data into tables stored


Operator Level

Data Rules Properties

When a data rule is applied to a table, you can choose the action that you want to perform if the rule is not correct :

  • Ignore (The default)

This simply does not act upon the data rule, so it does not influence the generated code or the mapping logic.

  • Move to error

MOVE TO ERROR means that the data rule is enforced when running the mapping and that all data rows that fail the rule (or any of the rules if you have multiple) is moved out of the target table into the error logging table (MAIN_TABLE_ERR). That failing row does no longer exist in the target table and any selects from it will not see this row.

  • Report

REPORT means that the error rows are written into the error table, but are NOT removed from the target table and remain in the regular select flow from the main table.

Multiple rules on the same table are possible and can be individually configured. In the case that 2 rules are violated, the error reason is concatenated for the record indicating multiple violations.

Owb Table Operator Data Rule Properties

Mapping level

By right-clicking on a mapping, choosing configuration and selecting a table operator, you can configure:

Owb Configuration Properties Table Operator

Create a table

Attribute Sets Tab

Attribute sets is used to :

  • determine which columns on a table are candidates for profiling

Owb Table Attribute Sets Tab

  • filter the column in a table mapping operator. Right click on a operator table, select Display Set.

Data Rule Tab

This tab allow you to add a Data Rule when you click on the Apply Rule button. To know more about the implementation of Data Rule which is an important part of Data Quality in OWB, check this article. OWB - How to implement and manage data rule in a mapping for a table ?

Owb Table Data Rule Tab

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