OWB 11g - Code Template Mappings and JDBC Connectivity Support

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The Code Template-based mapping framework is a new feature of Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g and enables implementation of data integration techniques and patterns for integration of content from non-Oracle databases.

JDBC connectivity supports a wide variety of sources. Additionally, Oracle-supplied or user-developed Code Templates can use other native data integration techniques, such as bulk unloads and loads, for maximum performance on any platform.

Code Template mappings that load Oracle targets support the full range of transformation capabilities available in other OWB mappings.

Code Template mappings are non-Oracle mappings (not PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, or ABAP). Mappings that contain an association with code templates are called Code Template (CT) mappings.


Some of the tasks that you can perform using code templates are:

  • extract data from, transform, or load data into Oracle and non-Oracle databases
  • Integrate with heterogeneous databases such as DB2 or SQL Server by extracting data from these databases
  • Leverage functionality beyond that of the current Code Template library. For example, you can construct new code templates to use Oracle Database functionality such as Data Pump to move data between Oracle systems at high speed.
  • bulk data movement based on functionality such as Data Pump.

The main reason to use CT mappings is moving data using technologies other than database links.


To create a Code Template mapping, use the Template Mappings node under a project in the Projects Navigator. When you create a CT mapping, the Mapping Editor contains two tabs: Logical View and Execution View. Use the Logical View to define the mapping by adding mapping operators and creating data flows between operators. Use the Execution View to define execution units that specify how the mapping should be executed. For more information about execution units, see “Defining Execution Units”.


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