OWB - How to implement and manage data rule in a mapping for a table ?


A data rule in OWB is a property of a table and you can manage its behaviour in the mapping.

How to

To implement data rule, you must :

  • in the objects :
  1. then apply (of add) them to the table with the data rule tab from the table object.
  2. deploy the table object to create the error logging table
  • in the mapping :
  1. synchronize the table if needed
  2. set the properties from the table operator in the the data rules properties to define the way to report an error (Be carreful, by default, it's Ignore.)
  3. set the properties from the table operator in the Error table properteis to governs the behavior of the error table
  4. deploy and execute the modified mapping.

The default action in case of error is “Ignore” in the the data rules properties. If you want to see the error in the logging table, you must change it.

If you add or modify the data rule tab from a table object, you must synchronise the table operator in the mapping with the table object and redeploy the mapping.

Table Operator Notice that the the operator has two groups. The top group is the regular in/out group for the table data and you can map from and to this group. The second group (ERR_GROUP above) can be mapped from (not into) and reflects all the columns that are in the STG_EMPS_ERR table. So there is no need to join these two tables or to import the STG_EMPS_ERR table to retrieve rows from. You can map from both groups in the same mapping and even join them back together (simply think of them as two tables).


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