OWB - SAP - RPE-01082: Fail to execute the ABAP report

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You have this message when the control center service is enable to start an ABAP report.

Why ?

By checking the Warehouse Builder Control Center Service log file, you will see this error :

2009/03/20-15:40:03-CET [11D3226] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sap/mw/jco/JCO$Client
	at oracle.wh.runtime.platform.operator.sap.NativeSAPOperator.execute(NativeSAPOperator.java:195)
	at oracle.wh.runtime.platform.adapter.rtp.NativeExecutionAdapter.execute(NativeExecutionAdapter.java:43)
	at oracle.wh.runtime.platform.service.controller.ExecutionController.execute(ExecutionController.java:70)
	at oracle.wh.runtime.platform.service.controller.ExecutionController.execute(ExecutionController.java:23)
	at oracle.wh.runtime.platform.service.ExecutionManager.run(ExecutionManager.java:36)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

This error said that the OWB - Control Center Service isn't able to find the class com/sap/mw/jco/JCOClient.

How to resolve it ?

This class belong to the SAP JCO connector.

If you work with Warehouse Builder 10.2, you must install the version JCO 2.18.

  • Copy :
    • the file librfc32.dll in the system directory
    • the jar and the file sapjcorfc.dll in the directory OWB_HOME\owb\lib\int
  • Stop and restart the OWB - Control Center Service to launch the jar file
  • Restart your mapping and you're done.

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